International School Library Day

International?School Library Day will be held on 22 October 2019 and is about promoting all?the ways that school libraries add to their communities.

?Get Involved

International School Library Day 2019 ideas

  • Host a scavenger hunt in your library with prizes and theme the clues around popular books.
  • Create a display of books from around the world in your library.
  • Host a silent reading party in your library.
  • Create a display where users can guess where a quote from a particular book comes from with prizes for the correct guess.
  • You know who your local talent is, you could invite in a local author to do a talk on their books.
  • Dress up for the day, and encourage your co-workers to join in. Go one step further and run a costume competition.
  • Host a special storytime event on the day.
  • Set up a recommendations table where students can recommend books to other library users.
  • Encourage one of the classes to put on a play based on a book and host it in the library.
  • Host a trivia night themed around books and media and add in some questions specific to your library.?
  • Encourage your library users to design the library of their dreams and/or the library of the future.
  • Ask your library users to draw what your library looks like from memory, award prizes for the most accurate map.
  • Encourage your library users to make a short video about what the library means to them.
  • Run a story writing competition themed around your library.
  • Host a movie night, make up some popcorn and showcase some of the great films you have in your collection.
  • Organise a class trip to your local national, state or public library and introduce the students to a different kind of library.
  • International Games Week is coming up, 3-–9 November, to get your library users excited you could host a games day and introduce your library users to your games collection.
  • Collaborate with the school art department to create new art for the library made by the students.
  • Host an afternoon tea for library staff at your library and invite staff from other libraries to collaborate and encourage each other.

ALIA has created some resources which you can use as prizes for activities on International School Library Day. You can download our free stickers; and bookmarks.



ALIA Schools is supporting the 2019 Unsung Hero awards. These awards recognise excellence in a number of fields within schools including Teacher Librarians and nominations are now open. The winner of this award receives $1,000 from ALIA Schools and a $500 Booktopia gift voucher from Corwin. Nominations close 11 November 2019.?


Wrap up

We'll add some of the 2019 International School Library Day highlights here.?

We'd love to see what you, your library or community are up to for International School Library?Day 2019. Send in your videos, photos and stories of how you celebrated to? use the hashtag #ISLD2019 on social media.