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Your ALIA NSW State Manager?


My name is Rob Thomson and I am your ALIA NSW State Manager.

I am living on Dharawal Country and I have been involved with libraries all my life and am looking forward to continuing to represent both ALIA and you, the information professional as State Manager. I am always keen on visiting libraries and seeing what you do and representing both the people who work in libraries and the institutions who employ them. I am keen on promoting opportunities for Professional Development which is made easier with the ALIA PD Scheme and the various specialisations available to members. 2020 is a busy year with Sydney hosting ALIA National 2020 4th-8th May and there will be lots of events leading up to that, and then following that throughout the year.


I look forward to working with you, hearing from you, connecting with you and representing NSW. I love to exchange views, bounce ideas about, have a chat, discuss ideas and concepts and promote the potential of libraries! Get in touch and I’ll do what I can to represent you and bring your stories, ideas, concerns and questions to the wider ALIA community.



M: 0423 184 737




ALIA Groups in NSW

ALIA has a number of ALIA Groups in NSW.

  • ALIA?SNGG?- NSW Regional Coordinators
    The ALIA Student and New Graduates Group provides a forum for new graduates to communicate and socialise with colleagues and build relationships and networks within the profession.
    Contact the SNGG team via email?
  • ALIA Sydney
    presents a selection of formal and information events to encourage discussion and critical engagement and create networking opportunities across the library and information sector in Sydney and beyond.

  • ALIA LARK?(Library Applied Research Kollektive)
    fosters evidence-based practice and applied research in library and information studies. We welcome members of ALIA and other professional associations with similar interests. As a community of practice, LARK participates in other forms of research support organised by?ALIA?.

  • The?ALIA Hunter?group promotes professional development and provides a social network for library-minded folk in the Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter area.?

  • ALIA Rare Books and Special Collections is a forum for library and information professionals who are responsible for,?and interested in, rare books and special collections. The group provides an opportunity for discussion and the exchange of information on rare books as well as other special collections including ephemera, manuscripts, maps and pictorial materials. Our focus is on the collection, description, preservation, interpretation, promotion and use of these materials.?@ALIARareSpecial
  • ALIA Children's and Youth Services?
    promotes library services to children and youth, highlighting children's literature and fostering professional development of members. It co-ordinates the national ALIA awards for children's librarians, promotes children's librarianship within the profession, and encourages networking and?communication between members.?
    The?ALIA Children's and Youth Services are the administrators for the?Nancy Booker Honour Lecture, Marjorie Cotton?and The Bess Thomas?awards.

  • ALIA NSW Library Technicians
    promotes library technicians to the wider ALIA membership, provides a range of professional development activities, represents library technician interests on relevant issues, and promotes and supports national library technician initiatives.


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Upcoming Events


Check the full ALIA calendar for details of ALIA events around Australia?here.

Institutions offering ALIA Accredited Courses?

A full list of ALIA accredited courses is available here.